Automate Yocto layer maintenance with cloud managed services
11-30, 13:40–14:10 (UTC), Langdale

Manually upgrading bitbake recipes often - some daily, and testing them is time-consuming!

This talk is about our approach to automate the Yocto layer maintenance of meta-aws with cloud managed services technologies. Maintenance means upgrading software versions, testing, committing bitbake recipes and back porting of changes from master to release branches. You can also call it CI/CD for Yocto layers. Cloud managed services we use are GitHub, AWS CodeBuild and AWS Lambda, but can be adapted to others as well. This automation saves us a lot of time, allow us to work on new features.

See also: Slides (932.8 KB)

Thomas Roos, AWS, Embedded Linux Engineer

Thomas has been working professionally and privately with Linux since more than 15 years. He currently works as an Embedded Linux Engineer for AWS, spending time as maintainer for the meta-aws layer and working on other Linux things.
Started creating cross compile toolchains with Windows and then became a Yocto fan finally. Furthermore, he has a lot of experience in product development, building software and hardware IP based VoIP PAGA intercom products with embedded Linux. Now doing IoT for a company that truly believe in open source and help customers to integrate AWS software for embedded Linux.

In his spare time, beside family, he plays music in a “Oktoberfest” band or fly paramotor.