Building a Robot with Yocto and ROS
11-30, 17:20–17:50 (UTC), Langdale

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open source platform for robotics. It provides software libraries, tools, and drivers to developers who wish to go from research and prototyping all the way through to deployment and production. Using Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded as the Linux operating system under ROS combines the best of both worlds for creating robots across a wide range of hardware.

The objective of this talk to to provide an introduction to the meta-ros layer to beginners who are keen to learn about ROS and Yocto. We will talk about the continuing work to integrate ROS and OpenEmbedded that has been going since 2013.

We will also provide introductions on how you may get started with simulators and deploy to available hardware. We will also discuss some of the challenges faced with building such a large platform on top of the Yocto Project. Lastly, we will provide some examples of future work and how you may get involved.

See also: Building a Robot with Yocto and ROS (1.2 MB)

Rob Woolley is a Principal Technologist at Wind River. He has been working with the Robot Operating System on VxWorks and Linux since 2018.

He works in the Office of the CTO where he tracks emerging technologies to apply them to traditional embedded systems. Rob focuses on Cloud-to-Edge Computing where he can leverage his knowledge with embedded, web, and cloud technologies.