How a modern Yocto setup could look like - by example
12-01, 18:40–19:10 (UTC), Langdale

In 2015, we built a sophisticated meeting room information system based on Android Things as a student project. As Android Things was deprecated in 2021, we started to use our Yocto Project experience to develop a maintainable, future proof embedded system.

When setting up a new project from scratch, we focused on proper solutions for
- a maintainable, well supported and patchable build environment for the embedded systems
- version control, reproducible builds and continuous integration
- license management
- a secure and stable update mechanism on image base and
- managing releases

The talk aims to show how we build a system that matches our requirements using the Yocto Project, KAS, Gitlab CI, and Besides, we will have a short outlook to the application built in Flutter.

See also: Slides (3.4 MB)

Anna-Lena is a Embedded Systems Dev at inovex. After a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master in embedded systems, she is now studying electrical engineering - for fun. Her professional focus is on building embedded systems based on Android or Yocto, kernel development and embedded security.