Corstone-1000: Secure IoT SoC on Yocto Project
12-01, 12:55–13:10 (UTC), Langdale

Showcasing Corstone-1000 platform on Yocto Project.

Arm Corstone-1000 offers a flexible reference package with built-in security. It supports platform operating systems, including Linux, to help designers build secure system-on-chips (SoCs) faster.

Corstone-1000 provides a fully verified subsystem and system IP that combines a choice of Cortex-A and Cortex-M processors for a diverse range of applications, from low-power microprocessors
and wearables to high-performance IoT endpoints and gateways.

Corstone-1000 is certified with:

  • Arm SystemReady IR
  • PSA Certified Level 2 Ready

This presentation is to demonstrate how the software stack of this cutting-edge platform has been designed with Yocto project.

For more details about Corstone-1000:

See also: Slides (698.4 KB)

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