Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

Damien Hackett

After bachelor in Electronics and M.Sc in Computer Science, especially in Embedded System in Ensimag, Grenoble, France I worked for 10 year for several companies on various embedded environment from baremetal to Embedded Linux throught Real Time OS.

I also worked on Electronic Design Automation Software, FPGA/Chip Design in Verilog/VHDL and even SoC Design.

Currently, I am a so called "Embedded Practice Leader" (Embedded Software Expert) at SII, a French software contractor company in Grenoble, France and working also as Senior Embedded Linux/Yocto at Eaton, Montbonnot, France.


Multi-OS gathering on the same SoC with Yocto
Damien Hackett

In embedded systems we often need multi featured system : good drivers, lots of applications, cyber resilient , of course real time and still easy to use and debug.

To have this so-called "5-legged sheep" why can we combined... several sheeps ?

We will see how to create this full featured system by gathering advantages of several embedded OS on the same SoC.

During this talk we will explore :
- Embedded Linux (for its good drivers support and high level applications)
- OP-Tee and ARM TrustZone (for cybersecurity)
- RTOS or baremateal software running on Cortex-M4 co-microprocessor
- all configured, cross-compiled and gathered by Yocto
- target SoC will be STM32MP157c which have 2 Cortex-A7 core and 1 Cortex-M4 co-microprocessor