Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

Jon Mason

Jon Mason is a Software Engineer working for Arm. Jon is an active contributor to Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded and is co-maintainer for the meta-arm layer. Also, he is a board of directors member for OpenEmbedded. Prior to his current position, he has worked on the Linux kernel and device drivers for a number of companies.

In his free time, Jon is a vocal advocate for Free and Open Source software, as well as maintains a few Linux drivers


How big of a problem are Un-upstreamed patches?
Jon Mason

In the never-ending quest to run all of the latest versions of all of the software, issues ensue. From CVEs to makefiles changes needed to get the thing building in an environment, patches are created and applied. Some of these patches are upstreamed and others live forever in the murky bowels of the distro's package. The latter's technical debt can cause issues on the next release, etc. But how big of a problem is this? How long do patches live? How many are upstreamed? We'll take a look at some pretty graphs and see.