Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

Reducing Yocto build time through shared sstate-cache optimization
11-29, 18:00–18:30 (UTC), Nanbield

Optimizing Yocto build times can be a tricky task. The Yocto Project's cache mechanism helps, but getting it right and sharing it within a team is often a challenge. This talk will be a practical guide to speeding up Yocto builds through shared sstate-cache optimization. The goal is to show you how to set up a shared space with an HTTP server and introduce the Hash Equivalent Server (OEEquivHash) for more predictable and faster builds. It will be a straightforward presentation with simple steps and real-world examples. By the end, you'll have practical tips to make your Yocto projects faster and more efficient, even on limited resources.

In this talk, we'll dive into how teams can speed up their Yocto builds by teaming up on a shared cache. We'll start by making a shared space using an HTTP server. Then, we'll introduce the Hash Equivalent Server (OEEquivHash) to make builds more predictable and faster.
Our goal is to break down the process in simple steps and examples to help your Yocto projects run faster and more efficiently, even on a small team.

See also: Reducing Yocto build time through shared sstate-cache optimization (646.8 KB)

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