Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

Embedded Runtime Security with Pulsar
11-30, 15:55–16:25 (UTC), Nanbield

Pulsar is an open source runtime threat detection system for embedded Linux devices. Powered by eBPF, it offers granular observability, low computational cost and great customization capabilities for IoT and edge computing applications.

This presentation introduces Pulsar, an advanced threat detection system meticulously crafted for IoT systems, specifically catering to embedded engineers. Powered by eBPF, a groundbreaking technology embedded in the Linux kernel, Pulsar achieves native performance while tracing system events in a secure and efficient manner.
The talk delves into the core aspects of Pulsar, elucidating its architecture, capabilities, and the unique flexibility it offers through its rules engine, allowing developers to craft security policies tailored to their specific use cases. Attendees will gain insights into practical applications through examples of rules and detections.
Additionally, the presentation explores the integration of Pulsar with the Yocto Project ecosystem, offering a holistic view of its compatibility and utility. The discussion concludes by outlining the future roadmap and anticipated developments for Pulsar, providing a comprehensive overview of its role in enhancing IoT security for embedded systems.

See also: Embedded Runtime Security with Pulsar (1.5 MB)

Giovanni Alberto is the Chief Technology Officer at Exein, a company focused on creating the next generation ecosystem for the security of things. He has a background in Theoretical Physics and Artificial Intelligence and has given talks at eBPF summit and Embedded world.