Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

Elevating product quality with automated testing
11-29, 13:45–14:15 (UTC), Nanbield

As we navigate the ever-complex world of software development, automated embedded testing stands as a compelling tool to enhance product quality, streamline processes, and unlock new possibilities. All the more with the advent of AI, connectivity, intricate user interfaces, and heightened security concerns.

This talk will explore:

  • Software Complexity: Gone are the days when a small team could master all aspects of software development. With the rise of multifaceted requirements, embedded software has become a crucial component in product development.

  • Rapid Bug Identification: Automated IoT testing significantly reduces the time gap between development and testing, enabling a more agile and efficient workflow. Imagine returning to work the next day with all identified issues neatly laid out rather than discovering them late in the development cycle, which leads to a longer time-to-market and increased costs.

  • Unattainable Manual Tests: Some tests necessitate days or even months of continuous testing, an impractical and costly proposition for manual execution. Automated testing not only automates such lengthy tests but also extends capabilities in areas like endurance testing, robustness, and performance measurement.

  • Balancing Automation and Human Expertise: Automated IoT testing excels at automating most manual tests. However, it's important to recognize that testing tools are not human replacements. Some testing aspects, like exploratory testing and evaluating user experiences, remain best suited to human testers.

See also: Elevating product quality with automated testing - Talk slides (pdf) - The Embedded Kit (1.2 MB)

Pierre GAL has been supporting equipment manufacturers with Witekio for 18 years, starting as an embedded software developer and now as Witekio Solution Director, in order to define the best technical solution for their innovative product. He is now leading the new Witekio product brand, named The Embedded Kit, which aims at giving OEMs all the tools and knowledge they need to build, connect, test, and secure their embedded systems without vendor or provider lock-in.

Pierre travaille depuis 2006 dans le domaine des systèmes embarqués et de l’IoT. Ingénieur INSA en informatique, il se spécialise rapidement dans le développement des couches drivers/portage de système d’exploitation avant de remonter sur des parties plus applicatives.
Chez Witekio depuis le début, Pierre est en charge de la création de l'initiative TheEmbeddedKit depuis 2 ans, une nouvelle stratégie au sein de Witekio avec une équipe dédiée, orientée briques logicielles sur étagère. Ces derniers couvrent toute la chaîne de valeur de l’IoT, de l’embarqué jusqu’au cloud, intégrant les enjeux de qualité et de cybersécurité.