Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

FIDO Device Onboarding: Late-binding Provisioning & Tales from the Trenches of Bleeding Edge Tech
11-30, 17:30–18:00 (UTC), Nanbield

This talk explores the role of FIDO Device Onboarding [1] in strengthening the device provisioning process, emphasizing both its security and extensibility. I'll also share my personal experience and challenges faced while implementing the fido-device-onboard-rs [2] project in the YOCTO environment, offering a practical perspective on working with this promising technology.

In this presentation, we'll delve into how FDO [1] offers innovative solutions to prevalent challenges in embedded device onboarding. We'll explore existing implementations of this protocol and their compatibility within the Yocto Environment. A closer look will be given to the fido-device-onboard-rs [2] project by Fedora IoT, which I employed in a recent work. I'll share firsthand challenges faced in integrating it with Yocto, especially the nuances of cross-compiling Rust and the solutions available in OpenEmbedded layers (meta-rust, meta-rust-bin). I'll conclude the presentation by showcasing a live demonstration of the protocol in action on a Raspberry Pi platform.

[1] https://fidoalliance.org/specs/FDO/FIDO-Device-Onboard-RD-v1.1-20211214/FIDO-device-onboard-spec-v1.1-rd-20211214.pdf
[2] https://github.com/fedora-iot/fido-device-onboard-rs

See also: Slides (929.3 KB)

Hi! I'm Tymek! Currently wrapping up my final semester in Automation and Robotics at the Gdańsk University of Technology. My academic years have seen me delve deep into the intricacies of Vision Systems and Embedded Devices, two areas that I'm particularly passionate about.

Recently, I began my professional journey with 3mdeb as a Junior Embedded Systems Developer. Being part of a team that contributes to the open-source community gives me a lot of appreciation for the collaborative nature of tech innovation.

On a personal note, I have a keen interest in marrying the arts with technology, specifically exploring the intersection of music with modern tech.

Looking forward to engaging with fellow enthusiasts here at Yocto Project Summit :)