Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

How I used yocto for an ELC 2022 talk and demo
11-29, 19:45–20:15 (UTC), Nanbield

In this talk I will share my experience of using Yocto to build a demo of my Embedded Linux Conference 2022 talk on V4L2 mem2mem framework. The work done on Yocto was an accompanying demonstration of a V4L2 mem2mem driver written for a QEMU based mem2mem scaler virtual hardware device and a test C++ application all built using Yocto.

In 2022 I had given a talk at Embedded Linux Conference about V4L2 mem2mem framework. For some reason I decided to build by own virtual mem2mem hardware using QEMU and write a driver and test application for the same. I wouldn't lie that Yocto already using QEMU and having great support was an inspiration. I used YOE Distro (an absolute awesome way to do Yocto) to add meta-v4l2-m2m-example layer and build for a qemuarm64 machine. This talk will cover all the details on how all this was accomplished showcasing all the powerful Yocto features that helped come up with the demo in a relatively short time.

See also: slides (451.2 KB)

Karthik Poduval is a Principal Software Development Engineer at Amazon Lab126. In this role, he develops Embedded Linux device drivers and middleware stack for camera/ISP and other imaging devices.