Yocto Project Summit 2023.11

Adrian Freihofer

Embedded Linux Developer, Team Leader at Siemens AG

  • The new devtool ide plugin
Andrew Wafaa
  • YPS Opening Keynote
Anna-Lena Marx

Anna-Lena is a Embedded Systems Dev at inovex. After a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master in embedded systems, she is now studying electrical engineering - for fun. Her professional focus is on building embedded systems based on Android or Yocto, kernel development and embedded security.

  • Building a Yocto CI Pipeline with KAS, GitHub Actions and AWS - What could possibly go wrong?
Behan Webster
  • Introduction to The Yocto Project and Bitbake
Bill Mills

Bill Mills was a founding member of the Yocto Project advisory committee. He is currently Linaro's advisory committee member. He guided Texas Instruments participation in Yocto Projects from 2010 till 2020.

  • Generic ARM64 for Yocto Project HW reference
Bruce Ashfield
  • yocto reference kernel status update
Damien Hackett

After bachelor in Electronics and M.Sc in Computer Science, especially in Embedded System in Ensimag, Grenoble, France I worked for 10 year for several companies on various embedded environment from baremetal to Embedded Linux throught Real Time OS.

I also worked on Electronic Design Automation Software, FPGA/Chip Design in Verilog/VHDL and even SoC Design.

Currently, I am a so called "Embedded Practice Leader" (Embedded Software Expert) at SII, a French software contractor company in Grenoble, France and working also as Senior Embedded Linux/Yocto at Eaton, Montbonnot, France.

  • Multi-OS gathering on the same SoC with Yocto
David Reyna
  • hands-on setup
  • CVE Triage, CVE Checker analysis, and “vendor_pr” for CVE Scanners
  • Devtool hands-on
Enguerrand de Ribaucourt

Enguerrand has been an embedded developer working with Yocto since 6 years on a variety of application devices including energy, healthcare, transports and robotics. He enjoys the diversity of problems and technologies that can be encountered in embedded systems as well as the thorough understanding up to the hardware level that the open source software stack provides. As a VSCode enthusiast, Enguerrand is currently participating in enhancing the features of the official VSCode Yocto extension.

  • VSCode IDE Integration – New developer tooling
Erwann Roussy

Erwann graduated from Telecom Paris and is beginning his career with Savoir-faire linux. He is an active contributor to the SEAPATH project especially in the testing and continuous integration part. He is particularly interested in low-level development, system optimizations and open source philosophy.

  • The LF Energy Seapath project, a Yocto use case for a software-defined architecture to virtualize power system substations
Fernando Luiz Cola

A software engineer with 10 years of professional experience in building software solutions for Embedded Linux Devices. Since 2017, I founded Emc Logic, a Brazilian company that specializes in consulting, training, and developing software for Embedded Systems, with a focus on Yocto Project solutions.

  • Reducing Yocto build time through shared sstate-cache optimization
Giovanni Alberto Falcione

Giovanni Alberto is the Chief Technology Officer at Exein, a company focused on creating the next generation ecosystem for the security of things. He has a background in Theoretical Physics and Artificial Intelligence and has given talks at eBPF summit and Embedded world.

  • Embedded Runtime Security with Pulsar
Io Andes Daza-Dillon

Free Software Consultant

  • VSCode IDE Integration – New developer tooling
Jon Mason

Jon Mason is a Software Engineer working for Arm. Jon is an active contributor to Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded and is co-maintainer for the meta-arm layer. Also, he is a board of directors member for OpenEmbedded. Prior to his current position, he has worked on the Linux kernel and device drivers for a number of companies.

In his free time, Jon is a vocal advocate for Free and Open Source software, as well as maintains a few Linux drivers

  • How big of a problem are Un-upstreamed patches?
Josef Holzmayr
  • Layer organisation 101 - live coding
Joshua Watt

Joshua is a Software Engineer at Garmin where he has been working since 2009. He has been using the Yocto project as part of is job since 2016, and is a member of the OpenEmbedded Technical Steering Committee

  • Hash Equivalence at Scale
Karthik Poduval

Karthik Poduval is a Principal Software Development Engineer at Amazon Lab126. In this role, he develops Embedded Linux device drivers and middleware stack for camera/ISP and other imaging devices.

  • How I used yocto for an ELC 2022 talk and demo
Konrad Weihmann
  • Keep it clean: QA automation with linters from Yocto
Leon Anavi
  • Integrating VNC in Weston with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded
Luca Ceresoli

Luca is an Embedded Linux engineer at Bootlin, working on kernel, device drivers, bootloaders and build system integration, and on upstreaming on all the above.
He is a teacher of the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded development training and contributes to the Yocto Project SWAT Team.
Luca has been a speaker at ELCE and FOSDEM.

  • Keep your layer simple -- and here's how
Marta Rybczynska

Marta Rybczynska has a network security background and 20 years of experience in Open Source, including 15 years in embedded development. She has been working with embedded operating systems like Linux and various real-time ones, system libraries, and frameworks up to user interfaces. Her specialties are architecture-specific parts of the Linux kernel. In the past, Marta served as Vice-President and treasurer for KDE e.V. She has been involved in various Open Source projects and contributed kernel-related guest articles for LWN.net. In 2021, she founded Syslinbit, an Open Source consulting company. She has experience with presentations at scientific and free software conferences, including LinuxCon, Open Source Summit, Embedded Linux Conference, Akademy, FOSDEM, and FOSS-north.

  • Yocto Project Security: Now and the Future
  • How to submit a CVE fix to the Yocto Project?
Michael Opdenacker

Michael Opdenacker is the current maintainer of the BitBake and Yocto Project Manuals. Testing and writing documentation gives him perfect excuses to contribute to other parts of OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project.

  • How to Contribute to OpenEmbedded, Yocto, and Many Other Open Source Projects
Mohammed Raza

Leader de pratique - Applications Web

  • VSCode IDE Integration – New developer tooling
Pierre Gal

Pierre GAL has been supporting equipment manufacturers with Witekio for 18 years, starting as an embedded software developer and now as Witekio Solution Director, in order to define the best technical solution for their innovative product. He is now leading the new Witekio product brand, named The Embedded Kit, which aims at giving OEMs all the tools and knowledge they need to build, connect, test, and secure their embedded systems without vendor or provider lock-in.

  • Elevating product quality with automated testing
Pierre GAL

Pierre travaille depuis 2006 dans le domaine des systèmes embarqués et de l’IoT. Ingénieur INSA en informatique, il se spécialise rapidement dans le développement des couches drivers/portage de système d’exploitation avant de remonter sur des parties plus applicatives.
Chez Witekio depuis le début, Pierre est en charge de la création de l'initiative TheEmbeddedKit depuis 2 ans, une nouvelle stratégie au sein de Witekio avec une équipe dédiée, orientée briques logicielles sur étagère. Ces derniers couvrent toute la chaîne de valeur de l’IoT, de l’embarqué jusqu’au cloud, intégrant les enjeux de qualité et de cybersécurité.

  • Elevating product quality with automated testing
Ross Burton

Ross Burton is a Principal Engineer at Arm, and co-maintains the meta-arm BSP layers.

  • Generic ARM64 for Yocto Project HW reference
Rudolf J Streif
  • User Space Hands-on Class - Embedded Containers
Sandeep Gundlupet Raju

Open Source enthusiast, Contributor to Yocto Project(poky, amd xilinx meta layers, meta-ros), OpenEmbedded, AMD Xilinx Device-tree Generator, PetaLinux, Trusted Firmware-A(ATF), Linux Kernel and U-boot trees.

Maintainer of AMD Xilinx Yocto meta layers.

  • Getting Started with Gen-Machine-Conf
  • Configuring and Building meta-ros for KR260:

Embedded Linux Engineer
Yocto Enthusiast and Trainer
Author of yoctoleef.xyz

  • Back to basics | The ultimate Yocto introduction
Tomasz Żyjewski

Embedded systems engineer at 3mdeb. Yocto Project enthusiast.

  • Dealing with UEFI Secure Boot support using Yocto Project
Tom King
  • Introduction to Layers, Images and more
Tymek Burak

Hi! I'm Tymek! Currently wrapping up my final semester in Automation and Robotics at the Gdańsk University of Technology. My academic years have seen me delve deep into the intricacies of Vision Systems and Embedded Devices, two areas that I'm particularly passionate about.

Recently, I began my professional journey with 3mdeb as a Junior Embedded Systems Developer. Being part of a team that contributes to the open-source community gives me a lot of appreciation for the collaborative nature of tech innovation.

On a personal note, I have a keen interest in marrying the arts with technology, specifically exploring the intersection of music with modern tech.

Looking forward to engaging with fellow enthusiasts here at Yocto Project Summit :)

  • FIDO Device Onboarding: Late-binding Provisioning & Tales from the Trenches of Bleeding Edge Tech
Ziwei Wang

Front-end Developer at Savoir-faire Linux

  • VSCode IDE Integration – New developer tooling